Modular Mushroom

About the Modular Mushroom

I found these cool monster assets while browsing the asset store recently and really wanted to learn how they are made.
So I started blender and did some modelling. I based my model on this asset, since it was simple enough for me to make from scratch.
Then I watched a tutorial how to make blend shapes and of course went to town with them as they are actually really easy to create and setup! I also UV unwrapped the whole thing and split the UVs in 3 sections.
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I then created 2 scripts, one to translate the the skinned mesh renderer shape keys from Untiy (that ranges from 0 to 100 by default) to a custom range - usually between -1 and 1.
The second script targets a custom shader that was created to match the UV maps that I created.
img not found And there we have it! A little bit of editor magic and some buttons and thats it!

Contact me

Please reach me at if you want to get in touch.